Monday, June 27, 2011

Noodling ...

Summertime is a time for me to regroup, plan, wander, and do some decompression … like digging in the earth. My Father in law is an old share cropper from Missouri, so he felt right at home as we were walking around my garden looking for a little extra something for dinner … when he dove straight into my potato patch and pulled out a new potato. "We call it Noodling for potatoes" … and that just made me smile.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Urban Bounty

It doesn't get much better … on a slow summer day … to forage for fresh fruit in the city. Mulberry trees are near the end of their production this time of year. You know these trees … when you walk under them the ground is stained purple with its berries. Well, we went on a three person mission ; ) on foot, for these sweet treats. And we hit the jackpot … and then stumbled upon some black raspberries … and then I found a cherry tree! I'm afraid I'm unable to reveal the location of this Oasis … but needless to say all parties involved were satisfied.