Monday, December 31, 2012

My Best Game-Action of 2012

This is a fun time of year to look back and review the ebb & flow of my 2012 archive. An imperfect year for sure, there were many misses that I tried to commit to memory. Many of the moments in this gallery still feel really fresh in my mind. I like them for an expression, or for symmetry & pattern, or for their moment in the competition, or just simply an airborne snap.

I'm blessed & generally have a lot of fun doing this "job". Throughout the year I get to see almost every type of collegiate sport … I even felt the included Cricket shot warranted exposure - although admittedly not an aficionado, I may be overzealous about the shot.

It has been especially inspiring reviewing other Sports Shooters Best-of lists to see fresh perspectives of my contemporaries. I'm really grateful for these networks; they help me grow as a photographer.

These images hold some of my best moments in the field during 2012. I hope there will be just as many opportunities in the upcoming year, and that my head will be up and my eyes will be wide more often.

Thanks for Looking. Feedback welcome.