Sunday, November 13, 2011

Football finale | Franklin & Marshall vs. Gettysburg

11/12/11 - Lancaster, PA: With the conclusion of this season with a classic matchup, which first began in 1890, my football coverage for the year comes to an end. The game itself continues to be one of my most challenging, thankfully each year I pick up a little insight for my approach. There's so much happening on-field, with 22 players often engaging in their own micro battle and/or deception (which often deceives me), that the game regularly stretches my level of engagement.
  But Saturday's game was fast. It was the fourth quarter before I even knew it. The two teams were quick to get off plays & that helped keep my mind out of the game. Leaving me with a few focal points & my reactions. Still as always, I left the field missing a few things, but walked away happy with a few different shots & modest general coverage. With the 28-14 F&M victory over Gettysburg, the series is now 45-45-7.