Friday, January 16, 2015

Gametime! @ Gettysburg

01.13.15 - Gettysburg, PA: It's often a kind of drive-by capture attempt on my end to try to get this shot. I'm crouching holding the body by the vertical grip upside down at my feet, on the floor between someone's legs. Not exactly a time tested method of fine craftsmanship. More often than not I'm out of focus, or unlucky and the center subject has their back to me, or the exposure is blown, or there's a leg in my way, or I'm just too late. But with the Gettysburg Men's Basketball team I've had some good fortune and landed this shot with clarity for a couple of years, and ironically with the same center subject - Senior Captain Joe Emerusabe. I'm glad when it works … & then we're all smiles.