Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remotely Successful

I attempted remotes this weekend, and again, I was challenged. I'm striving to balance the multiple variables that accompany photographing "off person". Camera control and image quality through protective glass just aren't the same, but remote work provides a fresh angle. I'm most satisfied with the Women's basketball backboard remote where cinefoil was in place improving contrast and reducing glare. I was unlucky in the Men's game when the officials immediately balked at the black block; I had to remove the foil but fortunately was allowed to keep the camera in place. Squash in a cinefoiled protective box was an improvement. However, box position, subject focus, and battery life came to haunt me. I'm looking forward to a final winter remote opportunity this Wednesday with a backboard remote fixated above the board onto the shot-clock support. Wish me luck.