Monday, February 1, 2010

Shooting Squash (with a remote) is Hard!

This was my first squash remote of 2010. Following a box shattering experience in December, I had to make a new one over the holidays. To say the least, I think I made it strong. Inside, I used the D700 with a 20mm and pocket wizards (and fresh batteries across the board). Settings of 1/320th (which wasn't fast enough) @ f/8 and ISO 6400. And happily (cough) a custom WB on each of the 6 courts.

There are all sorts of additional variables to remote work that can be kind of maddening even when you get there 3 hours in advance. Looks like I could have started with the basic stuff like leveling the camera first! Just shooting action through glass can be frustrating as you have to pump contrast & saturation to make it look OK. Next time, I think I'm going to remove the back plexiglass wall and fit the installation with some cinefoil to help with the internal reflections. Oh well, small steps.

Here's a link to the full coverage.